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 IdeaSolutions & ServicesDevelopment Process
To develop a Website with Idea, this is the process that we found to be most beneficial to our clients:

1. Clients contacts us, we set a meeting date.

2. In the 1st meeting we find out the following:
    a) Our client’s objective behind building his Website.
    b) The type and size of Website that best suits our client’s needs.
    c) The ideal Website structure that meeting our client’s needs.
    d) Whether our client needs a custom made module especially tailored for him.
    e) Possible E marketing plans that our client wishes to execute to promote
        his business.
    f) A second meeting date.

3. In the 2nd meeting the following is discussed: 
    a) We review our customer’s needs one more time.
    b) We agree the price of the service demanded by our client.
    c) We explain in details the E marketing strategy we developed for our client.
    d) We set with our client when he gives us the Website literature.
    e) We set a delivery date.

4. We contact our client to make sure that they’re aware of the time table and that they have finished working on their literature.

5. We book the agreed Domain Name and the Hosting.

6. We show our client the design and the Website structure to make sure that they meet his expectations.

7. We launch the Website.

8. We finalize our deal with our client by
a) Training our client to maintain his Website.
    b) Handing-in the Website manual.
    c) Finalizing our financial agreement.

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