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 IdeaAbout Us

We chose Idea as our company name because this is exactly what we offer our customers. We know that in a field that is marketing oriented all the tools depend primarily on an Idea that will help sell a product or a service. And we do just that.

We make sure that in every step of the Web development, the Graphic Design, the E Marketing or even the smallest of tasks, an Original Idea is provided to each one of our customers.

We came to realize after keen observation of our market that we stand miles ahead of our competitors, and we were reassured by our customers when they started using our products.

Here are a couple of points where we know we excel:

  • We provide a unique and educated Idea tailored for each of our customers  needs to enhance the Web development results.
  • We provide a data-based Web solution even for the smallest Websites.We provide our customers with Total Control and Easy to Use tools to Edit and Maintain their Websites.
  • We provide in depth marketing studies that help our customers achieve their objectives.
  • We provide outstanding after sales services that amaze our customers.
  • We provide all our excellent services with very affordable prices.

30. Hurya st.Cairo, Egypt * Telephone: +20 100 610 8228
Website: * Email: * Attention: Mostafa Helal